Educational Services

  • Home Tutor

    Qualified at home tutor matching your exact needs in any academic subject & various Curricula.

    Starting Price EGP 330
  • Online Tutor

    Qualified online tutor matching your exact needs in any subject & various Curricula; using fully equipped virtual classrooms.

    Starting Price EGP 300
  • Shadow Teacher

    Qualified tutor, teaching multiple subjects at home & supporting the student throughout the academic year.

    Starting Price EGP 14000 / Mth
  • Home Schooling

    Certified teacher assigned to teach homeschooling programs. Various curricula available with all materials & books.

    Starting Price EGP 57000 / Term
  • Activity Clubs

    Fun learning activities exploring students' curiosity, potential & skills.

    Starting Price EGP 2500 / 10 Hrs
  • Courses

    Qualified teacher/tutor offering a set program with all necessary materials.

    Starting Price EGP 3300
  • Gift Cards

    Meaningful present they will forever remember. Applicable on all services.

    Starting Price EGP 3000

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