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We assess the student's level and evaluate the areas they need help with.

We also transmit the results to the assigned tutor for them to prepare the first lesson accordingly.

By assessing the student we are able to identify their strengths and difficulties; allowing us to encourage the students through their strengths in tackling their difficulties more confidently.

Tutor/Teacher Qualification

Our aim is to provide you with the best tutoring services possible.

That is why we assess all our tutor's through exams in the subjects they teach, an interview that enables us to evaluate their fluency, qualifications and characters. We also provide continual training.

As a result we are able to match our students with tutors that match their profile and are able to understand and help them achieve their goals.


Our online library is created by a variety of professional instructors and includes books, presentations, worksheets and documents adapted to a variety of curricula.


Providing our students with the tools to help

them succeed.

Our library is continuously updated with

new materials.

Virtual Learning

Online learning becoming an essential tool of today's education, we have added virtual classrooms to our platform where students and tutors are able to connect and learn through live sessions and equipped rooms with online whiteboards, desktop sharing, and file sharing!

Access the student platform and click one your virtual room to start your live sessions scheduled with your tutor!  


We conduct a short interview call to better understand the student's needs and their character. 


Through a series of questions we are able to  constitute the student's profile. By doing so, we achieve better results in matching the student with the right tutor. 

Follow Up

We don't stop at matching you with a tutor. We follow up with you as well as the tutor all along your sessions to ensure the quality and satisfaction of all our students. 

On a monthly basis we email you a progress report!

We review the student's achievements and reassess the content taught accordingly.

All our students show considerable progress within the first few weeks of tutoring! 

Test Simulations

We provide test simulations for all our students. Need to practice your SAT's & other exams just like the real exam.

We provide you with test simulations on demand.

The tests are timed and formatted in such a way to give the students the impression they are solving the real test. 

What better way to prepare for exams! 


Our team of educational advisors & consultants distinguishes our services and content.


We create study programs, tutor training material, tests, presentations, worksheets and are diligent in having our students participate in our News section with their written articles.


We develop a variety of educational activities to build student's confidence, their ability to analyse, their ability to participate and their comprehension abilities.