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At Private Tutors Egypt We Hand Pick Our Tutors & Match Our Students According To Their Specific Needs

  • At Home Or Online Lessons

  • In Any Academic Subject

  • In Any International Curriculum

  • Preschool To University Students

  • Lessons Based On Student's Schedule

  • Tutor Matching The Student's Needs

  • Access To Our Student Portal

Assessing Our Students' Academic Requirements

Student Assessment

We assess the student's level & evaluate the areas they need help with.

By identify their strengths we encourage the students to harness them in tackling and overcoming their difficulties more confidently.

Educational Content Adapted To International Curriculums

Educational Content

We create study programs, tutor training material, tests, presentations, worksheets & activities pertaining to international curriculums.

We also  provide continuous updates via our Newsletter & fun content on our Study Buddies channel. 

Building Our Students' Profiles To Adapte To Their Academic Needs

Student Profile

Private Tutors Egypt conduct an introductory call to better understand the student's exact academic needs, their study habits & character traits.


We assemble the information to match them with an adapted tutor based on their academic & personal profile.

Student Mock Exams To Prepare For Various Tests

Test Simulations

We provide test simulations for all our students, to practice for any exam preparation with timed responses & appropriate test structure.

Qualified & Trained Tutoring Team

Qualified Tutors

Our aim is to provide you with the best tutoring services possible.

That is why we assess all our tutor's through exams in the subjects they teach, an interview that enables us to evaluate their fluency, qualifications and character traits. We also provide continual and updated training.

Online Library With Academic Books.png

Online Library

Our online library is created by a variety of professional instructors and includes books, presentations, worksheets & documents adapted to different curriculums.

Educational Advisors Assigned To Each Student

Follow Up

We don't stop at matching you with a tutor. Our student portal servers as a means to update you & follow up with you as well as the tutor all along your sessions to ensure the quality & satisfaction of your educational experience with us! 

Virtual Learning With Access To Our Online Classrooms

Virtual Learning

Online learning becoming an essential tool in today's education, we have added virtual classrooms to our portals where students & tutors are able to connect, learning through live sessions & equipped online rooms.  


They include online whiteboards, desktop sharing, file sharing & other features!

Why Choose Us

Offering Our Students The Opportunity To Progress & Achieve Their Academic Goals

More Educational Services With Qualified Instructors

  • 10 Hour Courses

  • In Any Academic Subject

  • Exam Preparation Courses

  • Intensive Vacation Courses

  • 10 Hour Activity

  • Creative Activities

  • Learning Through Play

  • Character Building Activities

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