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Hiring Regulations

Tutor Hiring


We Learn Better Together


Our Philosophy is founded on the well being of our students and tutors which is paramount!

We are careful to listen to your needs and we accompany you throughout your work period!


We provide training to all our tutors alongside educational tools and strategies to achieve the best balance in the learning experience with our students.


Choosing Private Tutors Egypt is choosing student progress and tutors' development. It is also joining forces with an organisation that seeks the satisfaction of its students/parents as well as its tutors, and ensures tutors' safety in the designated homes they will be teaching at.

How To Become A Tutor

  1. Fill in our online application with your credentials 

  2. Book your interview

  3. Complete the test(s) in the subject(s) you would like to teach

  4. Sign our online agreement & provide us with the requested documentation

You'll be teaching only the subject(s) you've succeeded in to ensure your mastery of the concepts & notions.

You may select one subject now & others after your hiring should you wish to teach further subject(s) at a later stage.


You Must Meet All The Mentioned Requirements To Join Our Tutoring/Teaching Team!

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 17.05.31.png

Selected Candidates Will Be Able To Head To The Interview Step!

Hiring Guide 2

Select a convenient time and date among the available slots!

You'll receive a recap email with the link to your online meeting room.

Make sure you are on time for your Interview (log in 10 to 15 mins to ensure connection).

After a 5 mins wait the meeting automatically ends;

unless an email explanation is sent prior to the meeting time

your application will be discarded.

Interview Time


The interview includes questions about your skills, competencies, and allows us to evaluate your language fluency.


You may be asked to explain a notion or a concept in the subject(s) you would like to teach.

Prepare any questions you may have for the end of the interview.

Successful Candidates Will Be Able To Head To The Assessment Test(s)

You will be required to undergo assessment test(s) in the subject(s) you've selected.

Tests are taken online and last from 30 to 60 mins!

Most tests are in multiple choice format and cover the basis of the subject.

Language test include a writing section.

Hiring Regulation - 3.gif
Hiring Regulation - 1.gif
Hiring Regulation - 2.gif

Lesson Preparation Time

It Constitutes 22% of your salary per hour

Lesson Time

68% of your salary per hour

Transportation Fees

10% of your salary per hour

Paye Tax

14% of your salary per hour

Salary Break Down

Services Icon 2.png

Rates Per Hour Taxes Included



Home: 281 EGP / Hr

Online: 256 EGP / Hr


Primary School

Home: 328 EGP / Hr

Online: 298 EGP / Hr


Middle School

Home: 375 EGP / Hr

Online: 341 EGP / Hr

Hiring Regulation - Tutor Rates.png

High School

Home: 422 EGP / Hr

Online: 383 EGP / Hr


University Freshman

Home: 469 EGP / Hr

Online: 426 EGP / Hr


University Sophomore

Home: 562 EGP / Hr

Online: 520 EGP / Hr


University Junior

Home: 665 EGP / Hr

Online: 622 EGP / Hr


University Senior

Home: 780 EGP / Hr

Online: 737 EGP / Hr


Group Lessons

Group Rates Depend On Total Students

For courses & activities the lesson preparation percentage is reduced.

Course content & educational tools are provided.

Tutor Salary
Rates Per Hour

Company Hiring



Working In Our Various Company Positions


Our company mission is to provide our students and tutors the best learning experience!

Hiring company team members in our various departments: Education Consultancy, Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, Content Development. 

We provide training and company integration to all our team members to ensure they have all the tools & guidance to conduct their tasks smoothly. 

We also offer a range of paid internships each year for students and fresh graduates to be able to grow and acquire a professional experience.

How To Join Our Team

  1. Fill in our online application with your credentials 

  2. Book your interview

  3. Sign our online agreement & provide us with the requested documentation

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 17.05.31.png
Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 17.05.31.png

Company Salaries

Company positions and salaries vary according to experience as well as qualifications.

We offer attractive and competitive salaries to all our members alongside their paid annual leave.  

Freelance positions are compensated on a percentage base or fixed amount depending on the job type or requirements. 


Freelance positions in sales are compensated on completed sales, while freelance recruitment position offer a fixed payment per hire.  

Company Hiring
Company Salary
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