Our Story

The Beginning

The story behind Private Tutors Egypt

is one of passion for education that

led to the creation of a platform

where parents/students can easily

and securely connect with

our team of qualified educational advisors

who are in charge of listening to your needs,

advise you on the  best educational service

and match you with a tutor/teacher

that meets your exact requirements.

Your Needs 1st

We distinguish ourselves with our personalised educational services:

We assess your level

Understand your profile

Respond to your needs

Fulfill your request

Compatibility is essential to our matching process, the ability to test out the service and tutor to make sure you are matched with the right person for you is made available via an assessment package of 2 hours!

Quality Above All

In education no compromises can be made!

Its the student's future at hand and our priority is the well-being of the student and the tutor. 

Our tutor selection is based on a very thorough system

that assess the tutors in all the subjects they teach, ensure their background education and background check, complete a full teacher training adapted to the various curriculums taught.  

The content provided to students through our programs and courses, our homeschooling programs and our library is selected based on the international curriculums provided in

Europe, America, Egypt & The Middle East.

We Learn Better Together

We believe that the quality of the relationship between the student and the tutor/teacher is decisive in the efficiency of private lessons. That's why we put this aspect in the heart of our educational strategy and  offer our tutors/teachers the necessary skills, tools & materials to implement their lessons.

What We Do!

Using a variety of personalised services and tools, we ensure the progress of students.


Private Tutors Egypt

is the first start-up to offer :





Native/Native Like



Educational Solutions

Follow Up

We don't stop at matching you with a tutor.

We follow up with you

as well as the tutor all along

your sessions to ensure the quality

and satisfaction of all our students. 

On a monthly basis we email you a progress report!

Student advisors are available to guide, provide tools & materials, give access to test simulations and respond to students/parents requests.

Our students show considerable progress

within the first few weeks of tutoring! 

Special Needs

Meeting the students needs  is our job!

With a team of tutors/teachers experienced

in working with students

who have special educational needs,

we can ensure a better educational environment

for students.

It's our job to match you with a teacher experienced in teaching special needs students & monitor closely the student's progress.

Exploring Potential

Beyond the content of the lesson, it is the way of accompanying the student,

earning his/her confidence by giving the student

the “desire to learn” 

which guarantees progress:

the student's progress

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